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Education support is targeted to foster education for well performing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who wish to further their studies in essential areas that serve community needs, and contribute to the growth of the economy. Education is not just to read and write but to make use of it for their own advantages and to utilize the knowledge for their growth. Also one can lead their own life without depending on others. It is not about making people literate, as literacy is entirely different from education. Literacy is meant as the ability to read and write, whereas education is finding out the reason behind everything and using the reading-writing skills to improve their lives. It helps the countries to grow economically and cherish with prosperity. To live a flawless life, education is very important for every individual. Education is the only way to win the world. It is to think deeply about something till its roots and understand the intention behind it. Great people define education as the ability to think, apply it in the world and to know the value of life.

Bursaries, Scholarship (National & International;
Graduate Programs; Student Exchange Programs; School & Scholars
performance competitions; Go back to school campaigns; To improve the performance of South African learners in international assessments, particularly in mathematics, science and technology, increase learner participation and success rates in these subjects by providing ICT equipment, laboratories and related apparatus, workshops and equipment, teacher development, and learner and teacher support materials to schools, provide professional development for educators, procure and provide offline e-library solutions to schools and upgrade the Thutong education portal, which offers support for teachers and learners in various subjects