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Skills Development is about improvement in the quality of education and training to enhance the capabilities of South Africans so that they are active participants in developing the potential of our country. The vision is that by growing the economy faster, more people will be drown in and create work, which will, in turn, raise the standard of living for all, especially the poor. The issue of Skills and Human Resource Development is critical as it impacts on the ability of mining companies and other industries to hire locals which in turn promotes community protests and the unfortunate shutting down of mines. We need to avert this crisis.

Our Academy seeks to ensure that there is adequate, appropriate and high quality skills that contribute towards economic growth, employment creation and social development. The educational system should be improved, especially in terms of developing both basic skills and technical skills, with a specific focus on historically disadvantaged individuals; more training options are needed for the employed and unemployed and that this training should be relevant for the improved employability and career progress of participants.

‘An Educated, Skilled and Capable Workforce for South Africa’

To improve access to occupations in high demand and priority skills aligned to supporting economic growth, employment creation and social development whilst also seeking to address systemic considerations we need an educated, skilled and capable workforce. We can achieve this through the following interventions:

Training programmes aligned with
the NQF, SAQA, SETA Accrediations, Compliance Training, Skills
Development, Artisanal Skills, Technical Skills, Business Skills,
Construction Skills, Learnerships, Apprenticeships; Public Courses,
Health & Safety, Mining & Operator Skills, Job Placements and
Entrepreneurship Development