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In 1955 the Freedom Charter crafted in Kliptown articulated a vision of an alternative South African society;
one that is more humane and inclusive. The Freedom Charter laid a
foundation for an inclusive; shared future for all South Africans. That
is clearly articulated in the preamble of our country’s constitution
adopted in 1996 that, “We the people of South Africa, recognise the
injustices of our past…believe that South Africa belongs to all who live
in it, united in our diversity.”
Social Cohesion is defined as the degree of social integration and
inclusion in communities and society at large, and the extent to which
mutual solidarity finds expression among individuals and

Principles of Social Cohesion are: Economic and social inclusion; Unity
in Diversity; Ubuntu ; Non racialism; Non Tribalism; Non Sexism; Non
Xenophobia; Tolerance; Peace and Harmony ; Active Citizenship;
Volunteerism; Philanthropy; Public Accountability; Civic
Responsibility; Social and Environmental Responsibility;

Human Rights and Equality; Constitutional Democracy ; Inclusivity and social justice; Non-racialism; non-tribalism; non-sexism; Intercultural
and community cooperation; National Consciousness and Identity;
Redress and Transformation; Active Citizenry; Civic Responsibility;
Volunteerism; Philanthropy; Patriotism; Unity in Diversity; Social
Solidarity; Ubuntu.
Recommendation is that campaigns be expanded to promote: Human
rights and responsibility values , National symbols, Inclusive
geographical and public names, Inclusive participation in national
days, Inclusive participation in all sporting codes, Active citizenship,

Women’s rights, Children’s rights, Rights of the disabled, Marginalised
and vulnerable groups, Health and rehabilitation, Representative and
inclusive heritage institutions and programmes, Intergroup cooperation
and exchange, Education for democracy, non‐racialism and
non‐sexism, Anti‐corruption, Safety and security, Integration of
foreign nationals, Media and information campaigns on social
cohesion and nation‐building.

Programs for Social Cohesion and Nation Building should also include:
Dialogues / Conversations; Ambassadors / Champions For Change:
Recognition Awards would be structured according to the following