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Personal Leadership and Mastery includes : Defining what makes a leader; Self-Assessment;
Identification of Core Values; Defining and writing personal vision
and receiving feedback on what others think of you – your
personality traits and character defects that inform your behaviour.
It also includes identifying current and lacking leadership skills (areas
of improvement – personal, interpersonal, group, technical).
The participants are empowered to make sober sound positive
decisions to improve their lives and decide where they want to make
a difference. The program concludes with goal setting and action
plans Mentorship and Coaching is then offered to direct them in their
chosen fields to become good corporate citizens that contribute
towards Social Cohesion and Inclusive Growth.

Understanding Yourself, Personal Vision & Purpose, Loving Oneself,
Self Discipline, Proactive Behaviour, Contribution to others, Positive
Attitude, Overcoming Fears, Balance in Life, Achieving Success, Absolute Happiness.

Components of lifestyle management: Promotion of healthy behaviour change, Psychosocial health, Stress management, Nutrition and weight management, Physical fitness, Addiction,Global trends and health issues